Martin Minarik
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Lab photos

Snout innervation in tropical gar, based on micro CT data

Gar embryos with ink-injected gut

Armadillidium, immunostained for muscles and nerves

Salaria fluviatilis, deep focus image

S. fluviatilis gold-coated specimen for SEM

S. fluviatilis teeth, SEM

Protopterus sp. skull, alizarine-stained

Opilio parietinus, autofluorescence

Liobunum sp., autofluorescence

Liobunum sp., deep focus

Pterophyllum scalare larva, SEM

Pterophyllum scalare, PAS-stained

Xenopus cement gland, PAS-stained paraffine section

Xenopus laevis embryo, SEM

Misgurnus fossilis, Azure-B/Eosin-stained resin section

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